child sexual exploitation

We need to make sure that victims are supported to become survivors and that the process of disclosure does not become another horror for them to endure. These are not big asks, they don't cost very much - indeed the costs in not implementing them are much greater. So why have you not acted on them?
The play is now being used by The Children's Society as an awareness raising tool, helping them to lobby the government to improve laws aimed at protecting vulnerable teenagers.
From murders to planting bombs in mosques should be a concern for everyone in Britain. We should neither tolerate abuse against young girls nor any kind of bigotry against a particular community in Britain. Anti-Muslim prejudice is a matter for everyone who cares about this country and our fair society.
Your child or the child of someone you know could be at risk of being targeted and sexually abused in person or online. That's why it's so important the right help is in place - to stop the crime from happening in the first place, and to support children who've been through terrible abuse.
It is a misrepresentation to imply that current police practice involves police officers unconditionally believing those who report a sexual assault. After years of extremely bad treatment of rape victims, what we're supposed to have now is police procedure where the complainant is simply treated respectfully, where police engagement with them takes their account seriously, and where the investigation is full and not subject to rape myths - basically prejudices about who "real victims" and "real perpetrators" are and how they behave.
At The Children's Society we know from our frontline services that, too often, older teenagers are dismissed as 'old enough to know better' and, as a result often are not identified as victims of child sexual exploitation.
We need more male survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come forward and we need the media to report their stories. Boys and young men need role models too, so it is time to ask the question, why do the media ignore male survivors?
Sara and I want to teach a brand new approach, a new PTSD thinking. We will be working with some of the very best in their professional fields, to help develop 'drug-free' civilian post traumatic stress disorder management tools and promote good Emotional Health Services.
It is clear that all children are at risk of sexual exploitation. Pedophiles will target the most vulnerable and the most accessible in society - such evil people do not have respect for women and girls of any ethnic or religious background.
Each and every one of us can help to protect children with learning disabilities, but as a society we must be prepared to fundamentally change our attitudes and approach to how this group of young people are treated and supported. Only then can we take the necessary steps to protect these children and make sure that no one uses their disability to sexually exploit them.