It isn't a reason to change my mind, but losing the experience of becoming a grandpa is a sorrow my dad is entitled to feel.
Not everyone wants to be a parent, and there are many benefits to making that decision.
No one wants their life choices patronised by someone who's ditched those very same choices, writes guest columnist, Robyn Wilder
Let’s end this subtle societal misogyny, kick our envy in the teeth and show support to our sisters who make the choice to be childfree
I am a woman without children. So why would being described as 'childfree' bother me? Until now, it hasn't, really. I preferred it to childless, because I felt that being described as 'a childless woman' made me sound like I was lacking; less than. It sounded sad, as though a life without children is a wasted opportunity, when we all know that isn't the case.
I am not someone who tried tirelessly to have a family; who spent thousands of pounds and years of my life on failed IVF treatments; who received a devastating diagnosis of unexplained infertility; who tried and failed to adopt; who miscarried; or whose child tragically died. Nor am I someone who's imagined herself as a mother throughout her adult life.
Years later, feeling strong and positive once more, I made a conscious decision not to let the whole experience of being turned away from the Mum Club continue to get me down. I had a lightbulb moment - an idea so obvious that I instantly wondered why I'd not come up with it sooner: I'd open my own club.
As if breast vs bottle, career vs homelife or thin vs fat wasn't enough, it seems we can pit women against one another through motherhood vs childless/free too. Is this a media led friction or a genuine issue between women?!
Last night, getting off the tube, I was accused by a group of drunk, loud-mouthed, relatively posh boys of being a 'yummy mummy'. I had heard them shout, "Welcome to middle England!" as the train pulled into the station, followed by, "I bet she's married to an advertising executive!" (wtf?)
Don't feel sorry for me. I'm not infertile. Neither is my Husband for that matter. We just decided a long time ago that we would never have children. Yes, I know I'm only 27 and you might think that I don't know what I want but I can assure you that I, that we, do.