Chris Mears

He can have a gold medal for looking good too.
If there’s one thing we have all learned in the last few days, it’s that Tom Daley isn’t the only Olympic diver of note on
Let's move on from this outdated, ridiculous (and yes, homophobic) notion that a man-on-man hug, or crying happy or sad tears, is somehow emasculating, or should call into question someone's sexuality. As Chris Mears and Jack Laugher showed in that beautiful, instantaneous moment, there's nothing quite as masculine as really knowing yourself, being truly comfortable in your own skin and not giving a stuff about what anyone else might think.
The British Olympic team notched up six medals on Day Five - double Team GB’s total during the Rio Games so far. Here they
First ever British Olympic gold in diving
Speaking of Tom Daley Mears, 23, had life-saving surgery to remove a spleen ruptured while diving in 2009. Mears was fifth