Christine Lagarde

Remarkable thawing in relations after pair's spats over Brexit.
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has been appointed head of the European Central Bank, the first time a woman holds the post. The European Commission's next president is set to be Ursula Von Der Leyen, Germany's Defence Minister. Her post is pending final approval by a vote in the European Parliament in mid-July. European Council president Donald Tusk hailed the appointments, saying, "After all, Europe is a woman".
The president's daughter tried to insert herself into a conversation between world leaders and it ended in... ridicule.
"Being someone’s daughter actually isn’t a career qualification."
However, the IMF has warned that outstanding structural reforms are still holding SA back.
Michael Gove’s infamous line that the public have ‘had enough of experts’ was ridiculed by the world’s economic watchdog
I believe that as women we should give Theresa May an opportunity to prove she is what this country needs. Still, a second female Prime Minister should excite us. We may not be exactly where we want to be but we're on our way there. Surely each small step we take towards progress is a step worth celebrating.