chronic podcast

Rapper Ali Gaspar AKA A Star shares what he's learnt about becoming a father while living with chronic illness.
Diabetes UK ambassador and Ironman triathlete Jack Anderson shares his learnings since being diagnosed.
Rory O'Neill, AKA Ireland's biggest drag star Panti Bliss, remembers the day he was told he was dying.
Karen Hobbs shares five things she’s discovered about self-pleasure since having gynaecological surgery. Listen and subscribe to Chronic with HuffPost UK's Lucy Pasha-Robinson.
BBC journalist Jam Prescod shares five things she’s learnt about laziness through living with lupus.
Sex educator and YouTuber Hannah Witton, who lives with ulcerative colitis, shares five things she’s learnt about embarrassment through living with a stoma.
That's why I'm launching Chronic, an unashamedly anti-wellness podcast, focusing on living well alongside chronic illness, writes Lucy Pasha-Robinson.