Civil society

"We're on the verge of what I fear to be a pretty significant breakdown in democracy and civil society," said Chris Krebs.
Sixteen-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg didn't hold back when she spoke at an EU conference on civil society, calling the legacy of politicians "the greatest failure of human history". Thunberg later joined students in Brussels for the School Strike 4 Climate march, now in its seventh week.
Let’s hope that the Strategy’s publication in August was simply a timing error and not a deliberate attempt to avoid the real agenda and some real action
This normalisation of corruption and public-service failure means that media coverage doesn’t result in actual accountability.
The VAT increase can only be opposed later this year, and will come into force on April 1.
Solutions to poverty have focussed on "doing to" the poor, rather than allowing them to do it for themselves or doing it with them. The poverty lobby needs to shift its mind-set from transactional policies that shift resources to transformational processes that shift power, and work together for a more inclusive model of change.
What is currently being proposed by the government could amount to a worrying transfer of unaccountable power to ministers. With so many sectors affected - from human rights, environment, consumer rights, workers' rights, and equality, all the way through to democracy, transparency, food, farming, education, and trade - there is both a need and appetite to collaborate on the bill.
Revolution necessitates talk of insurgency and transformation - this is not the most evident narrative with which state power should wish to engage. Yet elsewhere we can see lively discussion of the potentialities of history and possibilities for change that any discussion of 1917 should evoke. Not only in this year, but in those to come the impacts of the dual revolutions can give people much pause for thought - both in Russia and elsewhere.
Future South Africa will be launched on Monday following a resolution at the #FutureOfSA conference that civil society would need a broad support base against state capture.
There could be strength in and to be gained exploring how to develop a shared and joint approach to shared challenges and issues including social injustice. Has the time come to explore? I think that it has.