Claire Perry

Plus how your MP voted in the key no deal division on Wednesday night.
There is much more to do to create the right environment for the next generation of world-class female leaders
Greenpeace welcome move as Clean Growth Strategy launched
Stamp duty could be slashed on sales of energy-efficient homes in a bid to persuade more people to go green, the Government’s
'No Brexit is hard enough. Be gone you evil Europeans'.
An MP has accused some Brexiters of sounding like “Jihadis”, as she lamented the “tone” of the debate around leaving the
The five things you need to know on Friday 11 July 2014... 1) WAS THERE A PAEDO 'CHUM-OCRACY'? From the Sun: "The Westminster
MPs, Lords and parliamentary staff have been trying to access porn websites potentially thousands of times, official figures
Twitter bosses are likely to face questions from MPs after a series of sexually explicit and violent messages were sent to
Claire Perry, the Tory MP who led the high-profile campaign to launch a "porn filter" to block adult content from UK browsers
I know we're not supposed to feel sorry for politicians and lord knows they usually bring controversy on themselves but this
Overbearing parents are smothering their children, according to David Cameron's childhood adviser. Claire Perry said kids
David Cameron's new advisor on childhood, Claire Perry MP, says parents should take clearer responsibility for seeing what their children are saying on Facebook and texting on mobile phone, but i'm not sure spying is the answer.
Labour's Harriet Harman has hit out at the government's decision not to force internet service providers (ISPs) to automatically
Jo Swinson Swinson currently serves as parliamentary aide to Nick Clegg and is seen as a rapidly rising star among Lib Dems
A 62-year-old man remains in custody after a shooting at a solicitor's office left a man fighting for his life in hospital
All of the UK's mobile phone networks run a system of filtering to keep web-based adult content away from children who access the internet via a mobile phone handset. The policy was first introduced voluntarily back in January 2004. It is still in place as a voluntary measure.
Four million Britons will be able to opt out of viewing internet pornography after internet service provider TalkTalk offered
I spent much of Thursday morning repeatedly searching "Claire Perry Porn" on Google. Luckily all the results were safe for