The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) recently released a new report examining 20 years of government efforts to tackle social
The larger question that we must ourselves as a society is why so many walk into our friend's second, third, or fourth home, gasping in awe and admiration. Why do we value that which hurts so many of our brothers and sisters? It is time for us to have a frank discussion about greed and exploitative economic practices.
Student loans have quickly become the most exploitative, unethical and deceitful loan systems on the market. Uncapped to reasonable inflation they bleed those questing for higher education dry and profiteer off of hapless children committing to 30 year promises while still in school.
When my wife said she was returning to work fulltime, I silently celebrated. Now I'd finally have time to do all the things
It's not just anecdotal evidence that indicates the problem. New figures based on the ONS Labour Force Survey, showed that 51% of actors surveyed were from privileged backgrounds and just 16% were from a working class background. This compares to 33% of the nation coming from working class backgrounds and just 29% coming from affluent backgrounds.
Sadly though I'm not convinced that things will change in the foreseeable future but if we can get people thinking and talking about class once more, then maybe we can begin to shake up this deeply elitist society and really begin to address how it detrimentally impacts so many of our lives. Both inside and outside 'the academy'.
The gender pay gap is a depressing but familiar tale: equally qualified men and women doing the same job, but paid different amounts for it, the women almost always the ones getting less. What has not been highlighted until now is the existence of a class pay gap: people from working class backgrounds being paid less for working in professions than those who have professional parents. A new report from the Social Mobility Commission today highlights this problem and the results should be a concern for employers in Britain.
Saturday sees the BBC Three debut of ‘Class’, the highly-anticipated ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off. The drama, created and written