Claudio Ranieri

Let's start in an unexpected way today. Just imagine how bad Sunderland against Burnley must have been to watch. 0-0 must have been the most guaranteed result of the day. It's nice to see Jermain Defoe back in the England squad though, if only as a reward for putting up with only being passed the ball about 25 times this season.
The situation at the bottom could well alter before the end of the season, however, should the current trend continue, then many of us will need to warm up that humble pie and concede that there may be some sense behind switching managers after all.
One saving grace for the likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Boro has to be the fact that Sunderland are surely halfway up the creek with no paddles whatsoever. Jermain Defoe crashed a shot against the bar but you just knew that a very average City side were going to score eventually, and they did. If I was feeling generous I would say that is what a good side can do, play badly and win. But I'm not feeling generous.
What a week in football. We started with #PieGate, we slipped into #ClaudioGate, had Stoke unable to #ShutTheGate live on
This is without doubt a bitter end to the most wonderful story this modest city has ever seen. Leicester's charming Roman conqueror has fallen, but this is our club and our fairytale - so, Jose Mourinho, Gary Lineker, Hozier and whoever else who thinks we're now the bad guys - save your crocodile tears and your national funeral for somebody else.
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The stage was set in Stoke. People were turning up purely to see the record broken. How would he celebrate? Would he even
As we prepare for the end of what has been a year rich in the most fantastical football stories, let's rewind back to February. It was a piercingly cold midwinter afternoon in Manchester, but Claudio Ranieri's Leicester City were a stubbornly blistering force that scorched through another examination in their hunt for Premier League supremacy.
Nothing about Ranieri's side would actually surprise, at this point. Lose 14 in a row and go down? Sure. Win every single game 1-0 from now until Christmas, with a different scorer each time? Why not - they won the league last season.