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My beautiful son Luke was diagnosed with cancer when he was two-years-old. During his treatment we found we needed extra nappies, to do extra washing, that he needed extra sun cream as his skin was prone to burn easily during chemo.
When you're a teenager, sex, relationships, self-esteem and everything in-between can be tricky to navigate, but, to churn out an old cliché, they're all valuable parts of growing up. But what happens when you throw cancer into the equation?
I refused to leave until I got a follow up appointment. I got a follow-up appointment... During the ultrasound even we could see the absolutely enormous cancerous tumour on the screen, which had been growing in Luke's bladder the whole time.
The first instalment of my 'Cancer and...' series dealt with a well known, but often misinterpreted, aspect of suffering with cancer: being bald. I felt that hair loss and potential baldness where highly important points of discussion, especially, given that baldness is so often regarded as the 'face' of cancer...
Hello everybody, I have just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel introducing the launch of a new series. The series, entitled 'Cancer and...', aims to help people understand the effects of cancer on everyday life. In its introductory instalment, I encouraged my viewers to suggest subjects that they would like to see my cover.
Celtic is more than just a football club, it's a family. They looked after me so well and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here today without them. Cancer can take away your confidence, leave you very vulnerable. When someone tells you that you have cancer you automatically think "I'm going to die". That's a very hard thing to deal with in itself.
Cancer. Probably not the best topic for a gag but to raise money to fight cancer? Well, that must be worth a few jokes. Which
One in three children with cancer were bullied for their symptoms, such as losing their hair, when they went back to school
I am sorry to be late again. Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with this blog, especially when an invitation from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to the 3 day launch of their first Couture Collection in Sicily, arrives - like that!