click and collect

Nicola Sturgeon also cuts click-and-collect services, and imposes new rules about takeaways.
As the spring sun slowly crawls up the Thames and warms up London's cold streets, people are emerging from their winter cocoons to embark on some springtime shopping. The longer, brighter and warmer days all make for happier and more comfortable trips to Oxford Street, Brick Lane and Westfield.
The figures are in from this year's Black Friday and the conclusion is clear: Black Friday is no longer a one-day sales event in the UK.
Black Friday in its US form isn't, as yet, a great fit for the UK market. As such, shoppers should probably adjust their
What was the last thing that you bought online? Perhaps it was something you couldn't find in a shop near your home. Maybe you wanted to browse as many different options as possible before you made a choice. Or maybe it was just the most convenient way to get that item that you really wanted.
You ask 10 people and you will get 10 different views on the health of the high street. Then you will get others asking if the high street is still relevant any more. It's not that the debate is polarised, as much as the fact that the changes that have hit retail have been so profound and have happened in such a short space of time that we struggle to make sense of them. Data and statistics only cloud the issue further.
Radical reform is needed and the BIS committee's review has much to recommend it. Now it's over to the Chancellor to show that the Coalition will support and implement reforms urgently.
Auction site eBay is joining forces with retailer Argos in a trial allowing shoppers to collect their online purchases from