clinical trials

Patients are given a special drink before their operation. This lemony-tasting drink contains a chemical called 5-ALA which is absorbed by cancer cells and then basically rearranged into a much larger molecule - one that looks a little bit crystal like.
The trouble with treating rare cancers is in the name. They are rare. Scientists need to be able to study the cancer to find out how to beat it. And then they need to test new treatments on enough people to find out if it works. If a cancer that has just a few hundred cases a year, this makes it rather difficult to tackle.
People considering fertility treatment often ask about clinical trials, and there are a couple of big multi-centre trials taking place in the UK at the moment which may be of interest. Taking part in a trial can be a really positive thing to do as you will be helping to improve understanding of techniques which may help make IVF more successful in future.
Most clinical trials compare the drug to another treatment- either a dummy drug (placebo) or an alternative treatment, which is already approved for treating people. This is called a double-blind study. This design gives the most reliable results, as it confirms that any benefit is genuinely due to the new drug. However it means some people won't receive the new treatment.
A law student at Oxford Brookes University volunteered to be infected with typhoid in a clinical trial so she could rake
In labs, using male mice models is often a default move. Male models are considered 'easier' and more uniform.
Being one of life's overweight people who are unfortunate enough to be regarded as Morbidly Obese, I am regularly belittled and derided for my size. Even when a trip to a medical establishment looks likely to be on the cards - somewhere a person should be safe from such things.
With clinical trials for Ebola vaccines now under way, and with governments and manufacturers stepping up to fund them, there is an almost palpable sense that the panic is over and the problem solved.
Last year I put my house on the market. Mostly, I'm too busy to notice the clutter and untidiness that accompanies the life of a lone mum working full time, but I guessed the prospective viewers might...
Leading cancer specialist Dr Lorenzo Cohen ran a clinical trial that was published this month, which revealed that women