Pete Davidson getting a tattoo of Kim Kardashian's kids' names is certainly a ... choice. Co-parenting experts have thoughts on it, and advice for divorced parents dating again.
Campaigners call for 'dangerous' loophole that allows separated parents to withhold contact to be scrapped.
"You have to give space and time to accept the end of the relationship."
Trying to out-gift each other has never been an issue for us, but I see it time and again in other families
Breaking that cycle means normalizing the idea of Dad as an equal and competent co-parent.
Once divorced, parents must look through a new lens to see how they can continue their efforts in the immense family change.
I’ve shared a great deal about my life since divorce. I do so in the hope that the lessons I’ve learned and the difficulties
My ex-wife and I rent an apartment where the girls live permanently, while their mum and I alternate one week at a time in a third bedroom
I divorced in 2006 at the age of 30, with two kids then aged 3 and 7. My overriding feelings were of fear and uncertainty