Cocker Spaniel

Poncho, a Madrid police dog, has become an internet sensation after a video showing him apparently performing CPR on his handler went viral. But the eight-year-old cocker spaniel doesn't perform CPR in real life, police said. His performance was just a fun way to explain to children how first aid can save lives.
I attend a weekly class at our local dancing school. The one with all the mummies in it trying to relive their youths and thinking they are cool. (We aren't, we know that, but we still have a lot of fun!) Anyway, this week the teacher was talking about her pet pugs and how if they were people they would make terrible dancers.
We returned home and I confined the dog to the back garden as I raided the fridge for the solution to my woes and pulled on a raincoat to protect me from the Prince of Darkness's pong. Feeling he was being abandoned or expecting what might happen next, he started howling.
Source: Caters These harrowing pictures show how a cocker spaniel was literally burned to death after she was left in a homemade
I was pretty pleased to read that Kate Middleton now owns Lupo the Cocker Spaniel puppy. Hurrah! More royal distinction for the humble Spaniel, which has long been overlooked in favour of the decidedly less regal-looking Corgi.