cold feet

So worker bees in hives in Manchester have had tiny chip devices fitted, like mini backpacks, so that their movements can be tracked, recorded and analysed. The project is part of a scheme to track a whole range of animate and inanimate objects in the city to build up a picture of what happens there each day.
It isn't the first time the ITV drama has been lauded for tackling difficult subjects.
‘Cold Feet’ has won widespread praise from fans over the way it dealt with a teen pregnancy storyline.  Viewers of the ITV
‘Cold Feet’ is back for a new series on Friday (8 September), after it returned to ITV last year after a 13-year break, amid
There was something they needed to be 'handled' before they signed on the dotted line.
‘Cold Feet’ stars Fay Ripley and Hermione Norris have admitted they hesitated in signing up for the new series, until they
But all will not be as it seems with her character.