This is nothing like a woman being catcalled on her way to work. This is a guy with serious issues who committed multiple murders. He wasn't just a misogynist or a sexist man who thinks women are objects owned by men. Rodger fits the profile of a sociopath.
A teenager accused of planning a repeat of the Columbine massacre "glorified" the leader of the English Defence League (EDL
Fear is a key weapon used by NRA and alike gun lobby's. They love the old, 'you vote against us you'll lose your seat' ploy. Unlike the electorate, they don't forget which way you voted and seat targeting commences.
What's going on? You wouldn't know from the debate, or from growing pundit recklessness, which itself now shows signs of spinning out of control. It would funny, if it weren't so sad.
The National Rifle Association has broken its silence, four days after the school shooting which left 20 children and six
UPDATE: Gun Lobby Breaks Silence: The NRA Is 'Shocked & Saddened' America's largest gun lobby organisation has deactivated
Americans have always had guns. Something else has changed in the social equation. I believe it has to do with the need to be famous, the willingness of some sick people to go to the most horrific lengths to achieve that, and the role the media play.
Sunday the President faced one of his saddest duties, attending yet another memorial service resulting from one more horrific mass shooting. The President headed to Newtown, Connecticut to try to be 'Healer-in-Chief' again for the families of the schoolchildren and adults who were brutally murdered on Friday.
The Queen has sent her "heartfelt sympathy" to US President Barack Obama and the American people after a horrific shooting