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The EU referendum dominated politics this week, and we realise you might already be sick of it. Which is why we at Commons
With all the leaders of the EU gathered in Brussels to discuss David Cameron's renegotiation, now is a good time to test
After months of negotiations, David Cameron will today present his draft deal on changes to the UK's membership of the EU
Jeremy Hunt today imposed a new contract on junior doctors, just hours after the second mass walkout by medics. The contract
The five things you need to know on Friday February 5, 2016… 1) POLE POSITION As part of his mammoth bid to win more EU Air
After months of negotiations, a draft deal on the UK’s membership of the European Union was presented this week. The deal
This week's Commons People Podcast was all about Google, and information we found using Google. SUBSCRIBE TO THE WEEKLY POLITICS
This week The Huffington Post UK politics team chat about Jeremy Corbyn idea of having nuclear submarines without nuclear
In this week’s super soaraway Commons People politics podcast, the Huffington Post UK’s Politics team take on the latest
The world came together this week to celebrate a remarkable achievement. No, not a new Star Wars film, but the historic deal