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Senior MP tells HuffPost UK she is likely to back Jess Phillips to succeed Jeremy Corbyn.
Defector from Labour tells HuffPost UK that supporting the former Conservative cabinet minister would open Lib Dems up to attacks from his old party.
ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman and The Spectator's Katy Balls speak with Paul Waugh and Arj Singh about the Tory leader candidates. Can Jeremy Hunt beat Boris Johnson?ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman and The Spectator's Katy Balls join Paul and Arj to talk through the final two candidates in the Tory selection process for their new leader. While Boris Johnson remains schtum, Jeremy Hunt opens the debate on fox hunting, a debate no one was asking for.
We're joined by special guest, Anand Menon, Brexit expert and professor. 'No Deal' preparations are going swimmingly, Labour are split over taxes fo the rich and is Phillip Hammond about to cost the government a minister with his budget?
May's sales pitch to EU leaders, Labour prepares for a referendum showdown at their conference and Vince Cable's "spresm" cock-up.
Dominic Raab talks tough, Jacob Rees-Mogg insists he's not trying to off Theresa May and has Corbyn been breaching Commons security?
Resignations all over and the ego has landed... Trump's in the UK.
West Midlands Mayor Andy Street joined Paul Waugh live from HuffPost UK's Birmingham pop-up newsroom at the Bullring shopping centre to answer questions round the problems and concerns that Birmingham's residents have.
Boris runs away from the Heathrow runway, Airbus boss gives warning and the people march for another vote.
The "rebellion" on Brexit is over, the NHS gets it's money from a dividend and our very own Ned Simons, tells us what Labour Live was like.