“It’s got to the point where someone has to take a stand,” the owner of Melbourne’s Cherry Bar says.
When I arrived at the stadium and got to the entry turnstile, I needed to swipe my card on the gate. It recognised my card, printed a ticket with my seat details, and then the gate opened to let me in. It was simple and it worked.
I have lost count of the number of times I have been waiting outside some music venue or another waiting for a concert to end and for either one or both of my daughters to come out. The O2, Shepherds Bush, North Finchley, Wembley, Twickenham, Hammersmith, the list goes on.
Violent events undoubtedly bring out the worst in humanity, but these incidents also have the power to expose the compassionate
Ariana Grande has spoken out after the deadly explosion during her concert in Manchester England that left 19 dead and approximately
Take a look at some of the biggest concerts to take place.
I used to pride myself on always being ready and able to buy a hot ticket, poised to click at 9am. Now, massive venues such as Alexandra Palace are sold out within minutes, and tickets appear moments later on resale sites such as Seatwave at hugely inflated prices. Anti-tout campaigners say Internet "bots" are being used to mass purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Thousands of tickets can be bought in minutes, leaving you and I out of luck.
There are few things more devastating than waking up bright and early on the morning that gig tickets for your favourite band go live, logging onto the website, finding the tickets you want and hitting purchase, only to realise the concert is sold out and, quite frankly, have your heart broken...
One day, I realised this was stupid. I was missing out on activities and adventures that I really wanted to do, just because I'd be doing them alone. I decided this was going to change. A lot of this began when I was living in France, for my university year abroad.
After taking in the stunningly pure vocals of Ava Lily, who helped you block out the horrendous choas of a shopping centre on the weekend, I got to sit down and chat with the Headliner, Professor Green.