conspiracy theory

William Barr's belated announcement about the lack of evidence of fraud may finally push some elected Republicans to concede to reality.
More than 3.8m Brits have had a coronavirus vaccine. We asked an expert to counter some myths about the jabs.
An account the president uses to retweet his conspiracy theories and vitriol will be wiped and handed over to the Biden administration.
Social media companies should be held to account for spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories, party argues.
As the president's claims continue to be validated by his fellow Republicans, current and former law enforcement officials are concerned about violence.
More than a quarter of Brits polled said they believed that "secret Satanic cults exist and include influential elites".
Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda, also called the radio host "a loud-mouth Trump-lite" after he raised doubts about the effectiveness of lockdowns.
Not everyone there can be branded a "conspiracy theorist".
Nearly 38% of English-language news articles containing Covid-19 misinformation mentioned President Donald Trump, Cornell University researchers found.