A written constitution, something John Bercow now appears to support, would complicate things for the prime minister.
'These pieces of land left with the king and Amakhosi were actually coal reserves.'
Parliament has appointed a service provider to investigate the costs involved in moving the national legislature from Cape Town to Pretoria.
ANC NEC member Ronald Lamola says nothing will stand in the way of the party getting land expropriated without compensation.
The party has identified four types of land that can be targeted for expropriation without compensation
May is keen to avoid parliamentary embarrassment over Syria but we cannot accept constitutional engineering by soundbite
Julius Malema says farmers do not have to leave, as their land will not be "taken from them".
It is doubtful that an amendment to the Constitution to change the so-called property clause will be a panacea to our land-reform woes.
The nation-building project and the idea of a developmental state cannot succeed when the nation itself becomes and remains fractured.
Our public debate is degenerating into a sham in which bigotry from black South Africans against other race groups is tolerable.