'In his forthcoming book, African Union Law, Femi Amao argues that Africa is on the cusp of a new continental legal order.'
'Worldwide, it’s the anonymity of private funders that creates the most controversy.'
'People who value their own freedom must, in other words, equivalently value the freedom of others.'
'The government must get out of the business of running businesses, and get into the business of building the country.'
Post-1994 development has hardly shifted away from apartheid-era patterns of land use.
Director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights unpacks what the process of the public hearings on land reform and what the process entails.
'Chiefdoms rarely formed on virgin land – they were usually established over pre-existing populations who retained their land.'
'Prosecution for drug use often amounts to criminalising the illness of addiction. Far from being a solution, the criminal justice system exacerbates the problem.'
'The purpose of the recent judgment is to ensure that survivors of sexual violence can seek justice at any time.'
'South Africa is a republic, and the Constitution and the rule of law are the supreme law of the republic.'