consumer spending

I went to my friend Bobbi's art exhibition a few weeks ago, and I had a really interesting conversion with her boyfriend. He told me that he'd read somewhere that people were spending more money on experiences and events than ever before, and that experiences were becoming a preferred purchase over physical products.
Inflation has hit a record high, but can you beat it? Inflation is now over 2.7% and people are feeling the pinch. Some are
This generation of women are active, confident and have the ability to spend money on products and experiences that enhance their lives. Surely they cannot remain invisible to brands for much longer.
We need to be critical of our feelings and especially what we imagine them to be in the future, in the context of buying things. Most money saving experts talk about cutting down to save money. They fail to understand why we want it in the first place.
Want to be an ethical consumer? It's as simple as buying locally.
The face of retail is changing from brick and mortar to online portals, from sweatshop produced to ethically sourced.
We often hear about the "broken" energy market, yet competition is increasing and it is delivering benefits for consumers.
Brands usually think that in January and February we're hitting the gym, avoiding the pub and eating more healthily. However, although we all want to keep up these good behaviours at the start of the year, is that really happening?
If we, as consumers, are being led by our emotions and what works best for us as individuals, then it follows that companies need to start playing to their strengths, and working out how best they can gain our emotional connection.