copeland by-election

all women everywhere Following International Women's Day it is important we take pride in how far we have come but also to recognise that more needs to be done. Women's life experiences are not better or worse than men's, but they are different, and that needs to be represented in Parliament and across industry.
Plenty has been written about the 'left-behind' voters who have now created Brexit and Trump and are threatening to make a fascist President of France. But they have mostly been regarded - and possibly accurately - as something of a throwback, Luddites who provide little more than a general talking point and a useful demos for a small group of right-wing commentators with populist pretensions. There have been very few attempts to analyse the actual content of left-behindedness.
He says it's an 'alliance' of Murdoch media empire and Labour plotters
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has warned Labour party members that “the soft coup is underway” against Jeremy Corbyn. McDonnell
The five things you need to know on Monday, February 27… 1) WINNING HERE? Just imagine if the returning officer in the Copeland
The main drivers behind Brexit are not democracy and sovereignty but xenophobia and bigotry. As such, no self-respecting Labour leader should be doing anything other than resisting it with all his muscle and mind. How dare Jeremy Corbyn proclaim that we should respect this tawdry and squalid referendum result.
Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he will “finish the job” as Labour leader and “turn back the Tory tide” despite the party’s humiliating
Shadow Cabinet minister: leader must heed 'painful conclusions'
A senior member of Jeremy Corbyn’s top team has urged him to listen to the public and not shy away from “painful conclusions