all women everywhere Following International Women's Day it is important we take pride in how far we have come but also to recognise that more needs to be done. Women's life experiences are not better or worse than men's, but they are different, and that needs to be represented in Parliament and across industry.
A depressing, oft-cited statistic about how male parliament is has stopped being true - for now. Feminist campaigners have
NOW WATCH: Read more on The Huffington Post Labour lost Copeland to the Conservatives by 2,147 votes last Thursday. Party
Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he will “finish the job” as Labour leader and “turn back the Tory tide” despite the party’s humiliating
The Labour leader has continued to insist he will not resign.
Labour is in its weakest state for 50 years, David Miliband has warned following the party’s humiliating defeat in the Copeland
Shadow Cabinet minister: leader must heed 'painful conclusions'
A senior member of Jeremy Corbyn’s top team has urged him to listen to the public and not shy away from “painful conclusions
Jeremy Corbyn has stood defiant in the face of losing the Copeland by-election, saying today that he would not quit as party
John McDonnell has insisted the Labour Party leadership is not in denial as he blamed disunity in the party for its humiliating
Opposition last lost seat to government party in mid-term in 1982.
Which didn’t quite make sense.   Some were placing blame before the results had even been announced. 5) JAMIE REED   Even
Labour has suffered a humiliating by-election defeat after losing Copeland to the Conservatives. The Cumbrian seat has been
This week's Commons People sees the team wondering if Labour has gone too far with its campaigns on the NHS, after saying "babies will die" if the Tories win in Copeland. Theresa May is facing trouble from her backbenchers over business rates, and is also under scrutiny over what she knew about former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was awarded £1million compensation before becoming a suicide bomber in Iraq. There is the usual amazing quiz - no, seriously - and the crucial In Case You Missed It.