Hundreds of train passengers were also left stranded by a landslide in Northamptonshire.
An English town dubbed 'little Scotland' is holding its own mock independence referendum. Labour's shadow Scottish secretary
According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of misogynist is 'a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women'. Therefore, it's odd why UKIP's Godfrey Bloom is described as one.
Without Farage, Ukip's campaign would be weaker, and its message would fundamentally have to shift to encompass more thoroughly the views of its membership.
The Conservatives Party has lost a seat to Labour at a by-election for the first time in 15-years, after being heavily beaten
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What a week! At least, it was if you were David Petraeus, Abu Qatada, Lord McAlpine, George Entwistle, Nadine Dorries or
The ten things you need to know on Friday 16th November... 1) NOT-SO-SUPER-THURSDAY Voters across the country went to the
Former Tory MP Louise Mensch appears to have conceded Labour will win the by-election in Corby and said the defeat was entirely
David Cameron is bracing himself for a by-election defeat today, as voters in Corby go to the polls to replace their departed