It's an interesting time to be a scientist. Recent proposed policy changes in the United States have the scientific community deeply troubled, most notably the assertion that science is somehow a bipartisan arena, or a matter of opinion.
In case you were clinging to any hope that the earth isn’t just spinning around in a vast and directionless universe, let
The invocation of a higher dimension only generates a global flow of time, so it does not explain the sense of individual identity associated with the 1st person perspective. To accommodate this, one may need to account for another important aspect of consciousness: we cannot be aware of timescales which are too short or too long.
The universe is about 13.8 billion years old, give or take a few million years. By comparison our Earth is only about 4.54
A sudden, hugely powerful radio blast has been detected in a distant corner of the universe before falling almost instantly
A mysterious "hot spot" in the sky is emitting unusual numbers of powerful cosmic rays, say scientists. The discovery may
The universe is complex, massive and unfriendly. Worse still, they keep finding new bits of it hidden in the unknowable depths
An echo of the universe's cataclysmic birth has been detected by scientists in a landmark discovery described as the "Holy
Scientists have found evidence of water in distant stardust, and that might have huge implications for how we think about