COVID-19 vaccine

The White House had been hoping to jump the queue for a British vaccine, according to reports.
There's a lot riding on the discovery of a coronavirus vaccine and the uptake of the flu jab this winter. Why not insist people take them?
England's chief medical officer cautions against optimistic timetable following positive results of Oxford trial.
The government is gearing up for a significant flu vaccination programme to stop the NHS being overwhelmed if there is a winter spike in coronavirus.
Business secretary Alok Sharma said the new agreements would “ensure the UK has the best chance possible of securing a vaccine that protects those most at risk”.
Pharma giant AstraZeneca says it's "too early to comment on pricing post-pandemic".
But health secretary says people will not be forced to wear face coverings in offices.
The health secretary said Britain's own procurement programmes were already more advanced.
Poll findings come amid a dramatic rise in the popularity of anti-vaxx social media pages and channels since the coronavirus outbreak.
Experts involved in the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial – and a participant – explain how it works.