'Emmerdale' and 'EastEnders' stars have popped up on the programme.
As a means of communication with the public, a 9pm mainstream TV show, using a format that hasn't changed much in thirty years - isn't the future. Yes, it is sad that it is being ditched. Yes, it has had its success stories. But it's the past. With so many improved opportunities for the police to interface with the public, we need to be better at sharing what we have.
The BBC has announced that its retiring ‘Crimewatch’, 33 years after the show began calling for the public’s help to solve
The BBC has confirmed that Crimewatch has been axed, despite it being instrumental in solving a large number of offences
‘Crimewatch’ has been axed after 33 years on air, the BBC has confirmed. The crime-solving show has been pulled despite a
A two-year-old dog who was strangled and dumped in a canal after being snatched from her home on Christmas Eve has become