crispin blunt

Tory MP Crispin Blunt had a ‘Michael Howard’ moment on BBC Newsnight last night as he repeatedly dodged a question over whether
The British vote to leave the EU has ended decades of ambiguity in our relationship with Europe. Although, in the immediate aftermath of the result, it is easy to see only challenges and uncertainty ahead, the decision will in fact bring many opportunities and much clarity for both the UK and EU partners.
Perceptions and symbols matter. The UK's ability to hold itself out as the world's leading soft power is undermined when we do not take a public stand in support of our values. Those who are suffering from, or perpetrating, human rights abuses must hear us voicing our values clearly. So when one of the most senior civil servants tells a parliamentary committee that human rights is "not one of our top priorities", alarm bells go off.
Turkey has been propelled into a tailspin and it is increasingly difficult to see how it can recover. Ordinary Turkish citizens face economic, security, and political challenges akin to those faced by some of their Arab neighbours. This stems from their own Government's failed and failing authoritarian policies. Furthermore, Erdogan hangs over Turkey the prospect of a constitutional referendum to move towards a more presidential system. Given the management of the last election, full dictatorship is now alarmingly close.
Journalist Rod Liddle has drawn condemnation from Stonewall for a column telling gay men that using poppers to make sex more
Undoubtedly, a ban on poppers will result in an illicit criminal industry. In addition, there is a very real danger that gay men will turn to Class A and B drugs as an alternative to what is widely accepted to be a harmless legal high with no conclusively proven long-term health implications.
A Tory MP lambasted the government on Thursday following the announcement of a delay to the decision on how to expand airport
An influential committee of MPs that “failed” David Cameron’s case for war in Syria did so after two members were ill and
Jeremy Corbyn has questioned whether British airstrikes in Syria would make Britain safer from ISIL - despite being told