crispin blunt

Education secretary says the prime minister "expects high standards" and "always follows due process".
Conservative politician said arrest was "unnecessary" and is "confident" investigation will end without charge.
He says the incident which took place in parliament was "completely unprovoked"
The former justice minister again claims Imran Ahmad Khan is the victim of “a serious miscarriage of justice” who did no receive a "fair trial".
Crispin Blunt announced that he is standing down as MP for Reigate at the next election.
Blunt caused outrage after he branded Imran Khan's conviction “nothing short of an international scandal”.
Crispin Blunt wrote Imran Ahmad Khan was the victim of an "international scandal" after the Wakefield MP was found guilty.
A former Tory minister also told the equalities secretary she had caused "crushing disappointment" in the trans community by rejecting calls for change.
The arch-Eurosceptic says Tories need to deliver a result worthy of Brexit Party voters.