Cruise ship

There's been a spike in demand in recent years and, with lockdown, homegrown cruises may be having a moment, say experts.
Hundreds of Britons are believed to be trapped on a cruise ship where four have died, and more than 100,000 cases have been confirmed in the US. Here's the latest.
Many of the passengers went directly to Miami International Airport to head home.
These “floating cities” can have devastating consequences for life on land and sea.
Princess Cruises said a passenger on an earlier voyage died and at least one other became infected in the coronavirus outbreak.
David Abel said he "came over a bit weird and nearly passed out," after being taken to the facility in an ambulance.
More than 540 people on the Diamond Princess cruise have tested positive for coronavirus.
David Abel said on Facebook he is being taken to a hostel "with no medical facilities" - but he later fears “massive communication error”.
Chloe Wiegand died on a family holiday with her parents, grandparents and siblings.