He was consuming nearly 17.32mg of cyanide every day.
A 67-year-old man has developed cyanide poisoning after consuming apricot kernel extract, doctors have revealed in the journal
Andreia Gomes blames officials for 'killing' her unborn son.
A 12-year-old survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire was diagnosed with cyanide poisoning, which may have been released by burning
Japanese police are searching the home of a woman arrested on suspicion of killing her husband – one of six men who have
It is not for me to suggest that Rosia Montana holds the only solution to Romania's problems; nor that it is the only project with the capacity to boost Romania's economy; nor that it will single-handedly solve the area's unemployment. However Rosia Montana is one possible solution to so many of these problems.
It is worth asking whether the protests, never as large as they have been reported, really do represent any significant body of public opinion in Romania. Recent polls suggest this is not the case.
Dear Mr Hands, I received an invitation to at dinner which is to take place next Thursday (20th June) at the House of Lords
What propels Romania into the category of 'World's First Dystopia' is the massive cyanide mining project that could turn Transylvania, one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of Europe, into a dystopic wasteland. It is also a case study in how corporate PR and marketing can convince a population that the destruction of their ecosystem is in their own interest.
How did a bunch of peasant farmers and volunteers, operating on a shoestring budget with no access to the national media, manage to block one of the biggest investments in Romania? I went to the remote mountain village of Rosia Montana, located in the Apuseni mountains in western Romania, to find out.