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Here's a cyber security good news story, if you can handle it. Jonathan Milican, a 19-year-old Cambridge university student
Over the last year, it's become much more widely known that it's not just governments who are the subjects of targeted cyber
The UK government has ruled out introducing new anti-cyber crime laws, but could employ hackers as part of its new cyber
Facebook engineer details how cookies track your every move.
A web security firm say your social media profile could be more valuable to than your credit card to cyber thieves in 2012
A malicious piece of software designed for iPhones and iPads has been created to show that Apple's app store is not immune
The UK government could use trojans or malware to fight organised crime, according to the BBC. Following this week's London
We want to see a future in which everyone can have safe and reliable access to cyberspace, without fear that they will be targeted by criminals, in which are able to use new technologies to spur economic growth in developing countries, to narrow the digital divide, to give our citizens greater choice, to find new ways of addressing conflicts and to root out and prevent grotesque human rights abuses.
William Hague today delivered an attack on countries that censor the internet at a cyber security conference in London. The
As soon as the papers get wind of stories about 'hacking', people are bound to ignore the bland reality of government system hacking in favour of an imaginary thriller movie, possibly starring William Hague in a full-length leather trench coat.