The storm is estimated to be a category 4.
A woman and her child on their way to collect clean water in the village of Nerculo, Niassa, Mozambique. WaterAid/ Panos
The tropical weather system is expected to bring heavy downfalls to Mpumalanga and Limpopo from Thursday.
'The universe is incredible,' I think to myself for the umpteenth time that evening. I'm standing at the crater rim of Mount Yasur; an active - and erupting - volcano on the tiny island of Tanna, Vanuatu.
This week, the British Red Cross is launching a long-term recovery programme in the Philippines as the disaster-prone country continues to recover from super-storm Haiyan and braces itself for the onslaught of this year's typhoon season. But as we mark six months since the typhoon hit, many organisations specialising in emergency response are leaving and the levels of support have dwindled, even though the needs remain immense.
Cyclone Phailin was the biggest storm to hit India in 14 years. It affected 14 million people and left more than one million
Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged UK aid to ease the "shocking" devastation caused in India by Cyclone Phailin. Half
With winds of 200mph expected to devastate the Bay of Bengal, an area the size of France, aid agencies are desperately trying
Nearly 600,000 people have fled to storm shelters after Indian authorities issued a red alert and warned of major damage
Jilted lovers have been known to go to outlandish lengths to express their displeasure at the sudden ending of a relationship, but none so much as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald.