D-Day anniversary

Foreign secretary repeatedly refuses to say whether he warned the prime minister not to leave Normandy early.
The prime minister has come under fire for leaving the event early.
The prime minister finally broke cover after three days of not speaking to the national media.
Former defence secretary Liam Fox made the comment as the row continues to rage.
"On reflection, it was a mistake not to stay in France longer – and I apologise."
The prime minister left David Cameron to take his place alongside world leaders.
The prime minister's place at the Normandy event was taken by foreign secretary Lord Cameron.
These incredible before and after pictures show the true horror and heroism of a day that changed the world. On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers descended on the beaches of Normandy for D-Day, in an operation that marked the beginning of the end of a devastating six-year conflict and the eventual victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.