Damien Hirst

To me, Damien Hirst seemed like a typical bloke in the pub who enjoys a pint and loves talking about football and girls. When I was in his office, he was very excited about the castle he had just bought.
Damien Hirst’s reputation for being money-driven and ostentatious may be further from the mark than we thought: the artist
Absolutely loving the creative and alternative thought process behind Josef Valentino's latest project, #AVERAGEJOE. Watch
There is something incorrigibly smug about the concept behind Damien Hirst’s The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011, in which
Belts may be tightening, libraries may be closing, art funding may be shrinking - but let's look on the bright side this
Painter David Hockney has criticised the likes of Damien Hirst, saying artists should create their own work. Yorkshire-born
As The National Gallery toasts its triumph in gathering most of the world’s surviving da Vinci paintings in one place and
Joan was 84. I met her over perhaps 25 years. She was feisty, redoubtable and with a mind so sharp you could cut cheese with it. She doted on Malcolm and, when he drowned in 2005, it - as you would expect - affected her greatly for the rest of her life. She died from pneumonia, peacefully, in a nursing home near Deal in Kent.