dan hodges

'You know Britain is going to hell in a handbasket when people like me agree with Dan Hodges.'
And some claimed that the columnist, who has worked for the Labour Party but was also critical of previous leader Ed Miliband
The bookies take bets on Hodges' completion time The Terrence Higgins Trust lends support to people with, or who are at risk
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The moment I heard Jeremy Corbyn had made it on to the ballot paper, I whooped with sheer joy. Apparently, however, not everyone
Sadly there is no distinctiveness in Dan's article, it is just one of many similar examples of the stereotyping of the working classes. And the other problem for him is that the characteristics which Dan is describing are depressingly quite common.
Amazed by the amount of blog posts about the potential ban on my Twitter feed today, I felt obliged to give into peer pressure and also write an opinion piece on it. However, I soon came to realise that many of these articles offered unsubstantiated points of view, had a predisposed bias for one side of the argument and failed to recognise the complexities and sensitivities surrounding the issue.
Now the 'send in the clowns' shtick has gone stale, it's now time to send in the 'political has-beens'. If either Michael Portillo or Alan Johnson remained on the front-line of British politics, their respective parties would be far more likely to win the next general election.
The Milibites are fighting back. This morning’s Guardian is graced by a trenchant defence of Labour’s maligned leader from