Dan Snow

Read more on The Huffington Post TV historian Dan Snow has blasted a leading Brexiteer for ignoring Britain’s colonial past
Oh, and don’t forget these... Edward II The rest of Trump’s speech was no better. The President continued: “The more righteous
Footballer David Beckham has added his voice to the campaign against Scottish independence, urging voters north of the border
We should reflect on the causes and how to prevent a repeat of the massive, inhumane loss of life that the 'Great War' brought about. We should be doing that regardless of whether the number of years can make the graphics look pretty. But there are so many other conflicts that need documentaries made about them.
Despite the tremendous amount of respect which I have for the British Broadcasting Corporation, I couldn't help wondering
The BBC is being heavily criticised for a "biased and inaccurate" documentary on Syria's civil war, reports Al Arabiya. 'A
Thought every idea for a TV format had been done? Think again! Take a look at our trailer for The League Of Extraordinary
A £1.2 million appeal to safeguard one of England's most famous natural landmarks, the White Cliffs of Dover, has been launched