Darth Vader

The infamous Darth Vader costume is going up for auction in California, so we look at some of the most expensive Hollywood memorabilia ever.
What do you get the Sith Lord who has everything?
A school was evacuated by armed police after a student dressed in a Darth Vader mask was mistaken for a potential attacker
You sometimes even cycled somewhere just for pleasure (remember that word 'pleasure', it's important). You'd enjoy the sheer pleasure of cycling through the countryside - unhindered, free, at one with nature...the wind in your hair, the smell of manure in your nostrils...well, you get the idea. But not anymore.
Maybe it's that I'm writing this on three hours sleep after a midnight showing, or maybe it's that I have a hard time being objective about anything Star Wars but I think Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is probably the best thing that's happened in this all-round trash year.
I returned home and proudly showed my new P.J.s to my boyfriend, he gave me a blank smile. It turns out he is a Star Wars Virgin (how?) so I made him watch Star Wars and then fill out a questionnaire about it and my findings were interesting. So here goes...
At its heart, Star Wars is a spiritual story of one group who believes that the individual can seek and receive blessing from a benign force present everywhere, pitted against an authoritarian super-state which uses religion to control and coerce political uniformity.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Darth Vader was the one delivering your presents on Christmas Eve? No, us
When the original cast of 'Star Wars' join the thronging masses on the red carpets across the world for the highly-anticipated