Data sharing

'Was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties…your personal data?'
Confidential information is already shared with immigration enforcers.
We hope that the Committee scrutinising the Bill are brave enough to acknowledge that Part 5 is an old fashioned approach to a very modern problem. Rather than amend Part 5, we hope they send it back from where it came and push for a rewrite so that this legislation can be meaningful rather than meaningless.
I first saw David Bowie in Torquay in 1972, in a venue for 500 people with tickets costing £1.50. It changed my life. Forty years later I'm still struck by his youthful talent, innovation and longevity. He created a revolutionary sound and style building on the best offerings of the 1960s London artistic scene.
Social media today is now defining rather than just reflecting social attitudes. Sites once seen as a simple means of communication are now a channel for active group psychology powerful enough to overthrow governments. And you don't have to look far for the evidence.
The reality is that we have become too used to sharing, too used to the value we get from exchanging our data with others, to go back to a world in which the closest a brand could get to an individual customer preference was by extrapolating it from a qualitative research finding.