David Axelrod

The Tory party spent nearly £3m on polling and strategy provided by American and Australian campaign chiefs in the last general
Labour election strategist David Axelrod slammed the "stark failure" of Britain's pollsters as they faced up to an independent
Tory attacks on Ed Miliband and his relationship with his brother have obviously failed, the Labour leader's American election
The big risk the Labour leader took last week was the Blair risk, inviting the former PM to take to the podium on his behalf to dispense another well-polished, perfectly pitched and impassioned monologue to the masses.
Ed Miliband's American election guru David Axelrod has given him a lukewarm endorsement, insisting that he isn't on a par
Labour is still suffering the hangover of the Blair/Mandelson/Brown years, and those voices must be silenced outright over the next 6 months for the sake of the PLP as they seem to be PR and electoral cyanide.
American political advisers, especially ones with successful high profile campaigns under their belts, are not cheap, therefore, come the spring of 2015, even if any successes of Mr. Cameron or Mr. Miliband can attributable to Mr. Messina or Mr. Axelrod, respectively, such successes would have come with a big fat American price tag.
Is Ed Miliband a credible messenger going into the 2015 general election? On the day President Obama's former adviser David
Here are the five things you need to know on Thursday 15 May 2014... 1) THE MILI MAKEOVER I've been saying for a while that