David Hockney

Yorkshire Day is upon us once again, a day to celebrate everything that’s great about the region modestly known as God’s
Laura Knight, Self-portrait, 1913 So who needs a queer art show? The simple answer is anyone who likes art. For far too long
David Hockney. The man is practically a national treasure so it is with some trepidation, and a heavy heart, that I have to say, I'm not particularly crazy about the new show of his work at the Royal Academy.
Take Me Home: The creation of Beatie Wolfe's "musical jacket" Rhythmic moments in time distilled into a fabric and crafted
David Hockney: Early Drawings is a feast of a show and a fine way in which to introduce Waterman's eponymous gallery's new grand location in the heart of London's Mayfair
Art critics are suspicious of David Hockney because he’s so popular, according to filmmaker Randall Wright. Randall, the
David Hockney's assistant died after drinking acid at the painter's home, an inquest has been told. Dominic Elliott, 23, had
Her subjects sit on the edge of swimming pools, sweep leaves, change lightbulbs and rearrange vases on shelves. Mundane domestic scenes they are, but ones that carry a very live undercurrent. The viewer/voyeur of Caroline Walker's paintings peeps into the lives of others.