David Willetts

The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. RIGGING HELL Ever since the general election, Theresa May has faced a real problem at the helm of the UK’s first minority
A former minister in David Cameron's government told Margaret Thatcher that "pampered" Scots deserved deep spending cuts
Former Tory government Minister David Willetts has put the cat amongst the pigeons in his new role. Willetts now heads the
Former universities minister David Willetts has called for tuition fees to rise in accordance with inflation, saying the
Greg Clark takes over Willetts' old brief, and George Freeman will be the UK's first 'Minister for Life Sciences'. What does life hold in store for them, and for the science sector they'll be responsible for? David Willetts - for all the protests that dogged him over Higher Education reforms - was an almost universally-liked figure amongst the UK science community.
Universities are now upholding an excess of 20,000 complaints from students - more than ever before - new research has revealed
Vulnerable young people are being forced to battle for equal disability rights after the government announced it would be
The boss of US drug giant Pfizer has said the firm's proposed takeover of British-based AstraZeneca is a "win-win for society
The vast majority of students will still be paying back university tuition fee loans when they are in their early 50s, and