David Willetts

The UK is home to some of the most innovative small and medium sized enterprises in the world. We have a wonderful research and knowledge base and are striving to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business. This is crucial for us to stay ahead in the global race.
Universities are offering iPads, laptops and even cash to lure students in a bid to fill courses after government reforms
Universities minister David Willetts says students should go to university... no surprises there. What IS of interest, however
A second for-profit institution has been granted a university title, in a move which has raised "serious concerns" among
International students coming to the UK have been caught up in a "horrible numbers game," Vince Cable has admitted. He made
What this proposal really shows is that the matter of achievement is associated only with the acquirement of the higher grades and not when a student is awarded with a grade that corresponds with their potential and effort.
Youth unemployment is a tragic reality whatever the circumstance, but there is something especially unsavoury about young people who have been sold on the graduate life ideal, only to end up without a job and in debt. The mismarketing of higher education is one of the least commented-upon scandals of our time.
Many commentators have observed that the proposals seem at best an impractical use of resources and at worst deeply patronising. The complications of implementing the policy seem to make it a difficult one to advocate; is a child defined as poor if they attend a poor school or come from a poor family?
Poorer students who achieve top marks in their GCSE exams will receive a "well done" letter from ministers, it has been revealed
Traditionalists suggest that these factors plus academic stimulation is what going to a UK university is all about. While online learning establishments may be able to assure academic quality, how can that 'experience' side of things ever be replicated in the same way?