Death Penalty

Brandon Bernard was a different person from the teenager arrested over 20 years earlier. Up until the end, he did not think he would be executed because he knew he had reformed.
The US president has the opportunity to prevent another federal execution spree, but the window to act may be narrow.
Bernard was an accomplice to a crime at age 18. He is the ninth person to be executed as part of the Trump administration's end-of-office killing spree.
The US government is still executing people, despite objections that such events spread the coronavirus and strip prisoners of their right to counsel.
Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, is scheduled to die on December 8.
After a 17-year hiatus in federal executions, the government is set to kill seven people in two months, despite pending litigation on the legality of the killings.
The court's four liberal members dissented with the decision to go ahead with the execution of Wesley Ira Purkey, amid questions about his mental competency.
The 40-year-old had been convicted of killing a family of four in 2003.
From Belarus to Ghana, Iran, Japan and Malaysia, governments with prisoners sentenced to death must ensure they are treated with humanity and dignity
While they could imprison me physically, they could not imprison my mind or my heart or my spirit