She may also continue to seek a sample of his DNA, a New York justice ruled.
The lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar action against The New York Times.
Union slammed for "colossal waste of members' money" as former Redcar MP awarded £75k in damages.
The shooting in Annapolis, Maryland left five people dead and two injured.
Romeo and Basetsane Kumalo's crusade against 'keyboard warriors who so swiftly jump on the bandwagon to share harmful content' could be the start of many...
Webber Wentzel's Dario Milo explains how defamation works and how it can be absolved if the information being published serves the public interest.
Legal expert and partner at Webber Wentzel Dario Milo breaks it down for us.
Social media knows no boundaries. You'll find the cyber-libeller potentially on every phone and on every discussion focused app, virtually, anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you're uploading an opinion in Uttoxeter or Utah; subscribe to the feed, and you'll be fed whatever rage, bile or untruth the source feels fits the alleged crime.
I was warned. When I was thirteen, a friend of my older brother's said, 'Maggy, don't be nice. Be amazing, be mean, be honest