Standing at the edge of a crater the size of an American football field that is leaking flaming gas, my old nemesis of vertigo was making himself known. Or was it just the smell of the methane fumes? I was standing alone at the edge of the Darvaza Gas Crater, central Turkmenistan, which is also known as the 'Door to Hell' - a very fitting accolade.
Nowadays, rulers who have blood on their hands are likely to end up behind bars when the halls of power close. When Laurent Gbagbo, former Ivory Coast president, was hauled from his bunker and sent to the Hague, it served notice to tyrants that they can run, but can no longer hide.
Has the New Left failed? Honestly, it would be difficult to find sound arguments to demonstrate that it has.
The news is worrying. Maryam faces charges of insulting the King, assaulting an official (authorities say there was a scuffle when they took Maryam's phone, from which she was tweeting her experience), and running an organisation which named officials who had tortured political prisoners. She could face a long sentence.
Algeria's next Presidential elections will be held on 17th April 2014 and for the last few months; this important electoral rendezvous showed all the hallmarks of a masquerade, consistent with almost all the elections in the history of the Algerian state since independence in 1962.
Sudanese have plenty of reasons to demonstrate against the disastrous state of the country's finances; inflation is running at 40% and years of oil revenues have been frittered away. Beyond the capital, Khartoum, there has been little investment in infrastructure, education or heath facilities. Unemployment and under-employment have demoralised those millions who do not benefit from the crony capitalism that has sustained the ruling elite for decades.
Lord Risby, David Cameron's Special Trade Envoy to Algeria will be leading an important trade delegation to the country next week. UK foreign policy aims to lock North African natural gas into the European and British grid and is heavily influenced by arms and fossil fuel corporate interests.
Welcome to the slaughter mad house that has become Egypt. I have no words of comfort. Freedom always has a price, and often the generation that pays it never gets to reap what they sow. Patriots hope to live to see such freedom, but know their actions and those of their fellow countrymen and women can bring such an end that they may never see. In history, it is the only thing that ever has.
There is a bloodlust to settle disputes between rival factions once and for all. Sisi is finding that being in the limelight, doing the public leader thing is actually so good combined with a military uniform he might just want to add another title to the collection.
Don't get me wrong - the EU does know this isn't right. We've had sanctions against Belarus for the last few years. But the irony is that the sanctions aren't working - not just on Belarus, but on our own companies.