Digital health

What’ll be interesting to see, is if they include these features in the Apple Watch as well.
New research from Mind shows that men are twice as likely to have mental health problems due to work-related stress, compared
The answer is that using such consumer focused tech to have clinical discussions is often illegal as it is could potentially breach the UK Data Protection Act, not to mention the NHS Act 2006, the Health and Social Care act 2012 and the Human Rights Act.
Helpfully, today we have a new generation of digital health technologies that not only offer consumer friendly features, but more importantly, have been designed with a deep understanding of the human condition, to make it easy for people to adopt healthy behaviours - empowering anybody with a smartphone to manage their own health, without the need to visit a healthcare professional.
It's also important to recognise that many of the processes we're discussing involve behaviour changes for both practitioners and the public. For the public in particular, we can't expect them to become accustomed to it all overnight. The NHS and wider healthcare and technology organisations need to focus on working together to gradually change behaviour.
Saving lives through great communication is just as valid and important as saving lives through great surgery. This is a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops - and from the mobile phones - of everyone involved in healthcare.
I know we can make a significant impact on this situation. I've seen how a little support can help people make small but very significant changes to their lives and that's why I'm so excited that our Newcastle app - dubbed Changing Health - is now being prescribed by GPs in large parts of the country. We are about to give people the key to unlock their healthy future nationwide, and I can't wait to see it happen.
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The real value of digital health goes beyond technology and embraces the user engagement processes, without which even the most brilliant solution would not deliver its promises. It's important to develop workflows that ensure a seamless integration of such solutions into patients and practitioners' daily routines, while fitting in the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.