Her husband Richard Ratcliffe has called the British government's response "disastrous".
Filming of the Inside The Foreign Office programme was described as "high octane".
The president has previously come under scrutiny for mocking others’ accents.
The president was trying to “elevate the conversation” about terrorism, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Diplomacy is about learning to live together, especially with those with whom one disagrees or may not like. A succession of historical cases show the high stakes of nuclear diplomacy may create opportunities to put relations on a fresh footing that addresses the issues of respective parties. In the case of North Korea, to focus on the individual misses the point...
Alongside policy makers, the media, educators and civil society all have a role to play. By highlighting how all UK citizens benefit from the international system, we can start to build a society that cares about global institutions (like the UN) in a similar vein to our concern for national institutions like the NHS. After all, both are fundamental to our country's well-being.
His statements come amid sensitive negotiations, and after Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to calm tensions.
Whilst bombs can destroy extremists, they cannot destroy extremist mentalities. It is only through penetrating the hearts of the world through love, and doing whatever one can to improve the lives of others, that a hateful ideology can truly be defeated. Whatever one's background or faith, the concept of love driving out hate must surely be one that is easy to endorse.
Buffeted by shifting winds in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and further abroad, President Ian Khama's legacy has never been more tenuous.
Despite the lack of publicity, the ties between Indonesia and the United Kingdom have witnessed a remarkable growth in the last few years. Last year, the two governments inked four agreements in the fields of maritime, civil aviation, counter-terrorism and transnational crime, in addition to research and innovation.